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A recent study shows that half of all young people bullied at school experience mental health problems.

Anti-Bullying Alliance guide for parents



“Secrets of the teenage brain” – article aimed at teachers, but also helpful for parents and for teenagers who are struggling understand what’s going on…

Annalisa Barbieri - “Problem solved” – a 12 year old with no aspirations in life

Supporting teenagers

NUS survey shows that the majority of students experience mental health issues

Exam stress

In December 2015 a study showed that the majority of students suffer from mental health difficulties during their studies.  A separate study (November 2015) demonstrated the high rates of depression among PhD students.


The impact of psychotherapy

A new study shows that short term psychoanalytic psychotherapy (12 sessions) is highly effective for children with anxiety difficulties.

Article on psychoanalytic therapy for children who have experienced trauma

A recent randomised control study of adults receiving 18 weeks of psychotherapy has shown very positive results, especially given the fact that 18 weeks would be a very short length of time in treatment. It showed that 44 per cent of the depressed adults in the study no longer had a major depressive disorder (followed up two years after treatment) compared to only 10 per cent of those receiving usual NHS treatments offered.  In the three and a half years following psychotherapy or other NHS treatments, the changes of having at least partial recovery from symptoms was 40 per cent higher for those who had undertaken psychotherapy.  See for a full report on findings.  See also the British Psychoanalytic Council website for more information about the evidence base for psychotherapy.

A useful animation explaining why someone might go for psychotherapy (aimed at adults & adolescents)


Suicide and self-harm

“SOS” mental health guide – includes how to help someone deal with panic attacks and how to talk to someone about self-harm or suicidal thoughts

The Mind guide to self-harm

NHS guide to suicidal thoughts

Young people interviewed about self harm, followed by my own comments on ITV West Country 



The importance of babbling and playing with a baby

New baby

How to help your toddler with their tantrums and meltdowns


Eating disorders 

eating disorders: podcast

eating disorders: a short film



Short film about gender identity

Sexual abuse


Help with children’s sibling rivalry

Overactive children

 Tempers and tantrums in the under-threes

Starting primary school

The role of fathers

Divorce and separation


Stages in a child’s emotional development, from birth to adulthood

This short cartoon can be us useful way of understanding or explaining depression

Video about child mental health: how do you spot mental health problems in children?

Transition from primary to secondary school

How to train as a child psychotherapist

The Association of Child Psychotherapists

How to start a difficult conversation with a young child